The Beauty of Extreme Eyelashes

ONLINE Training

The Official PhiLashes courses are split in 2 levels and they are based on your experience in Eyelashes extensions.
  • Level 1. Basic Classic Eyelash extensions course 
- it is recommended for all students who have no experience in eyelash extensions or for the ones who want to refresh their knowledge and stay updated with the changes in Classic Eyelash extensions (1 eyelash extension applied on one single natural lash)
  • Level 2. Russian Volume extensions course 
- it is recommended for the lash artists with minimum 6 months experience in eyelash extensions ( classic and/or volume)
- I teach 4 techniques of how to create your perfect fan of lashes in order to help you create your fans and choose the technique that suits you.
Both trainings contain the following:
  1. A Premium Training Kit (worth of 400$)
  2. Access to the CraftMaster Training platform
  3. Theoretical material explained in detailed with a lot of explanatory pictures and detailed videos
  4. 10 levels ( homework) that you will have to pass and once you pass all of them , you will be a certified Philashes Artist with Phiacademy
  5. Online support 24/7 with your master to help you get the best knowledge, help for all the questions or inquires you may have, guidance to make sure you will become an official Philashes artist and to deliver the highest quality in lash extensions
  6. Tips and tricks of how to achieve the best eyelash extensions work
  7. Once you are certified, you will get your own Philashes artist logo
  8. Furthermore after getting Your Certification you will be granted access to the world map with your name, location and working place so that the customers can find you easily through our PhiSociety